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Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

How to Fix Your Computer for Beginners

I know how important it is to keep a computer in good shape because I’m a computer engineer. Not only does regular maintenance make your machine last longer, it also makes sure that it works quickly and efficiently.
For people who are new to computer repair, it can be hard to figure out where to start. But anyone can keep their computer in great shape with just a few easy tips. I’m going to give some easy computer care tips for beginners below.

A Starter Guide to Basic Computer Repair


Taking care of your computer is important to keep it running smoothly and avoid problems. So you can get started, this post will go over some basic computer maintenance tips for newbies. If you want to keep your computer going smoothly and quickly, follow these steps.


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

1. Get the latest programme.
Keeping your software up to date is one of the easiest and most useful things you can do to keep your computer in good shape. This includes your operating system, any protection software, and any other software you use often. Software updates often come with patches to fix bugs, fix security holes, and make the programme run faster.

Tip: To keep your software up to date without having to do anything, set it to automatically update.

2. Do virus and malware scans on a daily basis.
Threats like viruses and malware can slow down your computer and make its data vulnerable. The best way to protect yourself from these threats is to use an antivirus software. Install and keep up to date an antivirus programme you trust.
Regular checks can help you find and get rid of unwanted software.

Tip: You might want to use a malware removal programme in addition to antivirus software as an extra layer of safety. 


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

3. Take care of your startup programmes.
A lot of programmes are set to run instantly when your computer starts up, which could make the process take longer. Take a look at and organise your startup software to make your computer run faster and more efficiently in general.

Tip: In Windows, the Task Manager lets you control which programmes run at Start-up. On a Mac, go to System Preferences and click on Users & Groups to change your Login Items.

4. Make sure your hard drive is clean.
Over time, your hard drive will gather useless information like temporary files, system cache, and copies. Cleaning your hard drive on a regular basis will save room and make your computer run faster. Use built-in programmes like Disc Cleanup on Windows or Storage Management on macOS to get rid of things you don’t need.

Tip: For a more thorough clean up, you might want to use third-party programmes like CCleaner.


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

5. Clean up your hard drive.
Defragmenting can help improve speed for people who use old HDDs (Hard Disc Drives). Defragmentation reorganises data that has been broken up, which makes it easier for your hard drive to retrieve files. For SSDs (Solid State Drives), this step is not needed because they work on their own.

For Windows, use the defragmentation tool that comes with the OS. Because of how the file system works on macOS, defragmentation isn’t needed very often.

6. Make sure you back up your data often.
Data loss can happen when technology fails, when software is attacked, or when data is deleted by accident. Making backups on a regular basis will keep you from losing important files. You can use cloud storing services, external hard drives, or a mix of the two to make backups.

Tip: Make backups happen automatically to keep your info safe without having to do anything.


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Step 7: Clean up your computer. Physically: Dust and other particles can get inside your computer and make it overheat, which could damage some of its parts. Regularly cleaning the outside and inside of your computer can help you avoid these issues. Using compressed air is a gentle way to clean the keys, vents, and other cracks.

Tip: Turn off and unplug your computer before you clean it to avoid electricity hazards.

8. Check how well your computer is working
Keeping an eye on how well your computer is running can help you find issues before they get too bad. Use built-in programmes like Windows Task Manager or macOS Activity Monitor to keep an eye on how much CPU and memory are being used and other speed metrics.

Tip: Look for patterns or jumps in use that could mean there is a problem, like a tool running in the background that being too resource-hungry.


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

9. Get rid of any software you don’t need.
Programmes that you don’t use can take up valuable computer room and resources. Check your loaded programmes often and get rid of any that you no longer need. This makes room on your machine and might make it run faster.

Tip: Use the Control Panel to get rid of programmes on Windows. To empty an app on macOS, drag it to the trash and then empty it.

10. Make sure your computer is in a safe place.
Lastly, the place where you keep and use your computer could affect how long it lasts and how well it works. Do not put your computer in full sunlight, very hot places, or places with a lot of humidity. To keep your computer from breaking if you drop it, put it on a solid, level surface.

Buy a good surge blocker to keep your computer safe from power surges and other electrical damage. You can find our selection of surge protectors here.

Rounding things up
Making sure you follow these easy computer care tips for beginners will keep your computer running well for years to come. Not only does regular maintenance make things run better, it also helps keep problems from happening, so you can enjoy a more reliable and smooth computer experience. Keep in mind that regularity and attention to detail are important for keeping your computer in good shape.

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