Keep your computers dust free

Keep your computers dust free PC performance issues due tо dust Components covered іn dust run muсh hotter thаn thеу wеrе designed to, аnd thе computers central processing unit (CPU) соuld start tо throttle іtѕ performance. Throttling іѕ а method uѕеd tо prevent thе CPU frоm оvеr heating, thе computers Read more about Keep your computers dust free[…]

Photo Storage and Backup
Windows 10 anniversary update
speed up your Windows 10
what is e waste

What is E Waste ?

What is E Waste ? and why you should recycle your old tech So what is e waste ? Well it ranges from small tech devices like the latest wearable tech like the Fitbit right though to your huge flat screen TV’s and hundreds or other devices in between. You buy Read more about What is E Waste ?[…]

computer repair chard somerset laptop repair pc and web design

Keep Spyware off my Computer ?

How Do I Keep Spyware off my Computer?   What is spyware? Spyware is a collective name for malware software that actively monitors your computer and sends information covertly to interested parties, usually advertisers. From generic information regarding your browsing habits to sensitive data that includes your e-mail address and Read more about Keep Spyware off my Computer ?[…]

Amazon Prime Free Trial Code

Amazon Prime Free Trial Code

Amazon Prime Free Trial Code   Amazon Prime Free Trial Code gets you FREE two day shipping on almost everything that Amazon sells with NO minimum and THAT, my dear friends, is great especially when you can get that privilege for FREE (or close!) PAID memberships, (but NONE of the Read more about Amazon Prime Free Trial Code[…]

Remote Computer Support Chard Somerset

Remote Computer Support Somerset

Remote Computer Support Somerset at Combe Wood Computers. Here at Combe Wood Computers we are now able to offer you remote support! The great thing about this is that I would be able to instantly see the problem you are having while on the phone to you or over a Read more about Remote Computer Support Somerset[…]

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