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Fun Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Fun Restaurant Ideas

Promotional and Quirky Ideas for your Restaurant

So you have found this page while looking for fun and quirky restaurant ideas. Well you are in luck, we have been doing some research and found some top tips for you.

  1. Make sure your restaurant is at the top of Google – If you have an Italian restaurant you want to be showing up for “Italian restaurant (location)”  For more information on how to do this look on our SEO Somerset page.
  2. Social Media – A very good way to promote your restaurant is via social media. Special offers and events are perfect for social media advertising. Imagine the new customers you could get if a promotional video like the one below went viral!

3. Offer a deal in a local paper – Depending on who you are targeting a hot deal in a local paper would be perfect. Something like 2 for the price of 1.

4. Make a weekly or monthly video showing the offers you have coming up. People are becoming lazier these days and will watch a video more than read a flyer.

5. Charity events are not just great for the charity but also one of the best fun and quirky restaurant promotional ideas. Why not host a charity event once a month.

6. One of the most creative and fun ways of giving your social media followers real value is to offer a secret free menu item to those who mention a particular post. Perhaps you can offer a free dessert, or a complimentary bottle of wine. This will make your followers feel special.

7. From farm to table – From a food perspective, providing locally sourced ingredients means you’re offering customers fresh, high quality ingredients that generally command higher prices and better margins. Additionally, you create the perception that you’re building goodwill within the local community by supporting small local farmers.

Hopefully you can find some fun restaurant tips from this and we are here to help with any video creation or social media marketing should you need it.

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