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Holyrood Academy

 Chard, Somerset

Holyrood Academy Chard Somerset

Holyrood Academy, formerly known as Holyrood Community School until September 2010, is a secondary school with academy status in Chard, Somerset, England. From April 2017 to August 2019, it was a part of the Vector Learning Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust which also consisted of the nearby Axe Valley Academy in Axminster.
In September 2019, both Holyrood and Axe Valley joined the Uffculme Academy Trust.


Holyrood Academy History

The school has operated since at least 1961, bearing the name “Holyrood Secondary Modern School,”
“Holyrood Secondary School,”
“Holyrood Comprehensive School”
and “Holyrood Community School” due to an ever-changing line of names.
Chard Museum has an article about the beginnings of Holyrood school in 1910! You can read more about that here…

Chard is lucky to have the Academy

We are so lucky to have Holyrood Academy right on our doorstep here in Chard. Regardless of background or ability, every child is fully supported and challenged to develop.
It is a comprehensive school, and as such, they are absolutely committed to ensuring that every student’s ambitions are nurtured and encouraged.

holyrood academy anti bullying

The Holyrood Way

Holyrood Academy’s Year 7 students are introduced to “The Holyrood Way.” This ideology manifests itself as three components of school life that ensure all students succeed.


• We are well presented and equipped to learn.

• We make the most of our learning time.

• We see knowledge as essential and inspiring.


• We treat others with compassion and understanding.

• We treat our environment with care and consideration.

• We treat ourselves with respect and worth.


• We commit and contribute to lessons.

• We seek opportunities to try new things.

• We participate in our wider community.

The House System

At Holyrood Academy, they encourage students to work hard, be kind, and join in. They have their very own house system. As a result, students are involved, feel a sense of inclusiveness and belonging, and have a cheerful voice. We realise that striving to belong can create confidence and pride. This will help prevent insecurities from bullying and feelings of worthlessness.


The Houses

Our houses have been selected to represent the people of Chard and the surrounding area:

Denslow | Stringfellow | Bondfield | Gillingham


House Charities

The houses work hard to raise funds for charities selected by each house on an annual basis. The selected charities for 2021-22 are:

Denslow – The Beacon Centre for Cancer treatment at Musgrove Hospital, Taunton.

Stringfellow – Children Today – provides equipment for disabled children to assist with day-to-day access.

Bondfield – St Margaret’s Hospice – giving dignity to those with life-limiting illnesses.

Gillingham – Chard and Crewkerne Stroke rehabilitation centre – supporting stroke victims to recover.

holyrood chard somerset
Holyrood Academy
holyrood chard somerset

The Sixth Form
The Holyrood Academy Sixth Form is located at Holyrood Academy strives hard to be among the best. Teachers are here to assist students in achieving the grades they need and making a difference in the greater community. They do this by having students engage in enriching activities, offering to volunteer, and rewarding them for their accomplishments academically.