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How to do SEO yourself and do your own search engine optimisation ?


How to do SEO yourselfOptimising your site is one of the tasks that you have to do well if you want your website to survive. There are hundreds of thousands of websites online and how can you expect to compete with all of them? Think of a room filled with people. You need to make sure that the first person who walks in the door will notice you. How do you expect to do that?

For your website, the answer to that is optimisation. To be more specific, you need to learn all about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. Start off by reading our little guide on how to do SEO yourself.


What does it mean to optimise your site?

Basically, an optimised website means it has all the qualities that will help users find it easily through search engines. When someone wants to get information, they go to popular search engines like Google. They will then type a couple of words that describe the information they need. This is what we usually refer to as keywords. The search engine will go through all the websites that are related to these keywords or has the information related to them. Once they have tagged all the websites, it will appear as a list that users can choose from. All of this happens in a matter of seconds.

If this was a contest, the websites that appear on top is the winner. This will not guarantee that the user will click on the site but it increases the chances that they will.

That means the key to optimising your site is understanding what it takes to get to the top of the search engine list. For that to happen, you need to know how the search engine will view you as the most relevant of the hundreds of thousands of websites online.


What do you need to optimise your site?

So what do you need to know and get on your way to learning how to do SEO yourself?

For starters, your website should allow the “spiders” to crawl on your site to search for the keywords that will tell them that you are a relevant site. Having a site map will also help.

If the site allows search engines to crawl on your site, these are the essentials that will make it SEO friendly.

Content and Keywords

This is the most important thing that you need to work on. The search engine should see that you have the relevant

How to do SEO yourself

How to do SEO yourself

information that the user is looking for. But how will they know? This is where the keywords will play a role. You need to choose the best keyword that will best describe an article. For instance, you wrote a how-to article about roasting chicken. Your keywords could be “how to roast a chicken” or “roast chicken recipes”. If someone types “how to roast a chicken” your

website will be among the websites that will be shown. Take note that this content is not just about the articles. It also includes the heading, title, subheadings, image alt tags, and the overall theme of the site. It all has to stay true to the keyword or phrase of the website. Of course, your content is just one part. There are other areas that the search engines will be looking at.


The content of your website should be linked to authoritative sites. To do this, you need to write articles that cite statistics, data, or any information that comes from an authority website. For instance, if your site is all about giving financial advice, linking to the more popular websites or prominent news authority sites should help you rank higher in search engines.

User experience

How to do SEO yourselfDo users tend to navigate the site? Or do they just look at one page, stay for a few seconds, and then move on to the next site? You want to make sure you are the first website. That means they are encouraged to view other pages of the site. This will score you higher in the ranking. You can accomplish this by placing links to pages within the site. For instance, if you have an article, you can link some of the keywords to previous articles that you have written.

You should also consider the technicalities in your site. Does it load fast? Do all the links lead somewhere? Make sure everything is okay because if not, you will rank low when someone searches the right keywords.

What you have to understand is that optimising your site is an on-going process. You need to keep on working on it. That means always putting new content on it. Not only that, you should also make sure you promote your site. This will help you get as much traffic going into your site.


A round up

So do you think you have now picked up the basics on how to do SEO yourself ? If not and you would either like some guidance or order a complete SEO package from us then we would be only too happy to help you out. If you have a new business or a business that you would like to reach more customers another great way of doing this is by making use of the YouTube video platform, it’s not all about cat video’s and people falling off things. YouTube is a great way of promoting your brand, business or event too. Take a look at our YouTube Marketing page for more info.