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Local Apple Repair And Upgrades

iMac Upgrade Hard Drive

There are a few upgrades that can be carried out on an iMac but the iMac Hard Drive upgrade can add some life to an older iMac. Not only by adding extra space but also speed. Upgrading to a Hybrid SSD/HDD or a true SSD(Solid State Hard Drive) can give your ageing iMac or MacBook a fantastic speed boost. Add in some extra RAM memory and it would be like new again.

2009 iMac Upgrade to Hybrid SSD


Recently we carried out a Hybrid SSD Drive upgrade on a 2009 iMac. We thought that we would show you what goes on with your iMac or MacBook when it comes in for an upgrade.


iMac Hard Drive full

Below shows the iMac hard drive when it came in. As you can see it was time to upgrade!

iMac with Glass Removed

With the glass removed we now have access to the LCD panel.


Dust in the machine!

No matter how clean of a working space your iMac or MacBook lives in over the years  they collect lots of dust. Ideally this should be cleaned out every year to make sure your iMac or MacBook has the optimal of air flow over the important parts like the CPU and Graphics card. This will help to increase the life of your Apple device.

Next we remove the LCD panel

Behind the LCD panel on a Apple iMac you gain access to the hard drive. It is not really advisable to attempt this upgrade yourself without a lot of research. The power supply in the top right holds a charge for many hours even if the iMac is turned off and unplugged. This can give you a nasty shock!!

At last we find the hard drive!

As you can see there is quite a process in getting to the hard drive on an iMac.

The new Hybrid SSD

Here is the hard drive that we decided would be best for this upgrade. A hybrid ssd is a blend of  two types of drives adding a large amount of space and a speed boost and less expensive than a large sized SSD.

Back on with the LCD

Next we replace the LCD panel in to the case and connect the cables from LCD to logic board. This is just to test everything is working prior putting the aluminium case back on.

Reinstalling OS X to the iMac

Next we install the chosen version of OS X that the client has asked for. Some iMac’s are unable to run the very latest OS X version. We will advise on the best OS X for your model.

iMac & MacBook Upgrade Service

Here at Combe Wood Computers we are only too happy to supply advice on the best upgrades to suit your iMac or MacBook. Once we have established what would be the best upgrade for your needs we would book in your Apple device at a time to suits you and keep you informed along the way on how things are going.

Upgrade iMac Late 2009 SSD

Below you will find one of our clients iMac’s that had run out of space and become very slow indeed. The hard drive was full to the brim with files. We advised to upgrade the hard drive to a much bigger one. Rather than choose a true solid state hard drive upgrade we thought that a Hybrid SSD would be better and keep the price down!

Removing the 2009 iMac Glass

Below you can see how we use glass removal suckers to remove the glass iMac front.

Removing the aluminium iMac case

The aluminium iMac case is held on to the main shell by a selection of screws.

In extreme cases

We clean out your iMac or MacBook of dust. Making sure all fans and vents are free of dust. In extreme cases where the device may have overheating issue we would also remove the logic board and clean the old thermal compound from the CPU and GPU and replace it with brand new.

Yet another fan

There is another fan on the 2009 iMac behind the LCD that will also require cleaning out.

On other models the fans are in other places and this is in now way a How To guide, we just wanted to show you what goes on here at Combe Wood Computers.

Out with the old..

We then remove your old hard drive. Yet more screws holding it in place with anti vibration rubbers. 

The drive in its new home

The hybrid hard drive is now in place.

The same rubber anti vibration screws can be used again. The process is slightly different if installing a true SSD in a iMac, these are smaller and require a bracket.

All working fine

With the iMac tested and working we put the aluminium case back on and carefully put the glass on too. This has to be done very carefully making sure not to trap any dust between the glass and LCD.

All ready for collection

Well, here we have it a 2009 iMac upgraded from a 320 GB hard drive to a 1TB hybrid hard drive adding both space and speed. All ready now for our client to collect and enjoy the added boost.
Simply the best local Apple repair service on your doorstep.

Looking for an upgrade ?

If you are looking to upgrade your iMac or MacBook then please give us a call. Local Apple repair service.
Depending on the hardware required for the upgrade prices start at £100 including parts.

iMac Servicing

We also offer MacBook and iMac servicing. This would include a full strip down cleaning all internal parts and applying thermal compound to the vital components. In turn this will prolong the life of your Apple device. 

Ready to give your iMac or MacBook a new lease of life ?

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