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MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement: Why Choose Professional Service

We all know how important our laptops are in our daily lives, and for many, the MacBook Pro 2017 is their go-to choice. But like any electronic device, a MacBook’s battery eventually needs replacement. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of professional battery replacement for your MacBook Pro 2017 and the services provided by our team at Combe Wood Computers.

MacBook Pro 2017 Overview

MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement
Features and Specifications

The MacBook Pro 2017 comes with impressive features, such as a powerful Intel processor, a sleek design, and a high-resolution Retina display. To power these features, it relies on a built-in lithium-ion battery designed to provide optimal performance for an extended period. However, over time, the battery’s performance may decline, necessitating replacement.

Signs Your MacBook Pro 2017 Needs a Battery Replacement

Decreased Battery Life

One of the first signs that your MacBook Pro 2017 battery needs replacement is a decrease in battery life. If your laptop doesn’t last as long as it used to on a single charge, it may be time to consider a battery replacement.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Another sign of a failing battery is when your MacBook Pro 2017 shuts down unexpectedly, even when it shows a significant charge remaining. This could indicate that the battery is no longer able to provide stable power to the laptop.

Swollen Battery

A swollen battery is a clear indication that your MacBook Pro 2017 needs immediate attention. Swelling can result from a chemical reaction within the battery, and it may cause physical damage to your laptop if left unaddressed.

MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement
Reasons to Choose Professional Battery Replacement


Replacing a MacBook Pro 2017 battery requires specific tools and expertise to avoid damaging the device or causing harm to yourself. Professional technicians are trained to handle these tasks safely and efficiently.

Quality of Work

When you choose professional battery replacement, you can trust that the technician will use high-quality replacement parts and perform the job correctly, ensuring your MacBook Pro 2017 continues to perform optimally.


Professional battery replacement services often provide a warranty for their work, giving you peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise, they will be addressed promptly.

Our MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement Service


Our team at Combe Wood Computers has extensive experience working with Apple MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro 2017. We have the knowledge and skills needed to replace your battery and restore your laptop to peak performance.

Fast Service

We understand how important your MacBook Pro 2017 is to your daily life, which is why we strive to provide fast and efficient battery replacement services. Our goal is to get your laptop back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Affordable Pricing

We believe that quality service shouldn’t break the bank. At Combe Wood Computers, we offer competitive pricing for our MacBook Pro 2017 battery replacement service, ensuring you receive excellent value for your money.

How Our Technicians Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery


Our technicians start by diagnosing the issue to confirm that a battery replacement is necessary. We run various tests to determine the health of your MacBook Pro 2017 battery and ensure there are no other underlying issues.

Removal of Old Battery

Once the diagnosis is complete, our technicians carefully remove the old battery from your MacBook Pro 2017, taking necessary precautions to avoid any damage to the laptop’s internal components.

Installation of New Battery

After the old battery is removed, we install a high-quality, compatible replacement battery. Our technicians ensure the new battery is properly connected and secured within your MacBook Pro 2017.


Following the installation, we thoroughly test your MacBook Pro 2017 to ensure the new battery is functioning correctly and that your laptop is performing optimally.

MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement

Maintaining Your New MacBook Pro Battery

Proper Charging Habits

To maximize the lifespan of your new MacBook Pro 2017 battery, it’s essential to practice proper charging habits. Avoid overcharging by unplugging your laptop once it reaches 100% and try not to let the battery drain completely before recharging.

Avoiding Overheating

Excess heat can degrade your MacBook Pro 2017 battery over time. Ensure your laptop has proper ventilation and avoid using it on soft surfaces that can block air vents.

Software Updates

Keep your MacBook Pro 2017 up-to-date with the latest software updates from Apple. These updates often include optimizations that can improve battery performance and extend its lifespan.


Choosing professional battery replacement for your MacBook Pro 2017 is essential for ensuring your laptop continues to perform at its best. Our team at Combe Wood Computers provides expert, fast, and affordable battery replacement services to keep your MacBook Pro 2017 running smoothly. By following the maintenance tips provided, you can further extend the life of your new battery.


Q1: How long does it take to replace a MacBook Pro 2017 battery?

A: The battery replacement process typically takes a few hours, but turnaround time may vary depending on our current workload.

Q2: How can I check my MacBook Pro 2017 battery health?

A: You can check your battery health by clicking on the battery icon in the menu bar while holding the Option key. This will display the battery’s condition.

Q3: Can I replace the MacBook Pro 2017 battery myself?

A: While it’s possible to replace the battery yourself, we recommend using a professional service to ensure the replacement is done safely and correctly, without causing damage to your laptop.

Q4: How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Pro 2017 battery?

A: The cost of battery replacement may vary depending on the service provider. At Combe Wood Computers, we offer competitive pricing to ensure you receive excellent value for your money.

Q5: How often should I replace my MacBook Pro 2017 battery?

A: The need for battery replacement depends on your usage patterns and the battery’s health. Generally, MacBook Pro batteries last around 1,000 charge cycles before their performance begins to decline significantly.

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