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MacBook Service Somerset | Overheating Macbook

Today we had a 2009 Apple Macbook in the workshop for a service. The customer said that they noticed that the fans were running more and more and it was feeling quite warm after it had been on for a while. Now it’s not just the Macbook or Macbook Pro that suffers from dust. All laptops and computers get dusty fans overtime.
The dust gets pulled in by the cooling fans and starts to accumulate on the fan blades and vents and even starts to build up on the actual heat sinks or the Macbook or computer. This stops the fans from doing their job and keeping your expensive iMac, Macbook or Windows laptop staying nice and cool. 
If you continue to use your computer with the fans running at full speed you will start to run the risk of burning something out inside of the computer.

Not only is there a chance of cooking your Macbook’s CPU or GPU (graphics chip) you may also lose all of your data if it has not been backed up for a while. I thought I would take some photographs of what we found inside of this Macbook today and share with you.

macbook service

After we carefully removed the MacBook’s keyboard and trackpad we get to have our first peek at what we are dealing with here.

macbook service somerset

It all looks very innocent in there with nothing obviously blocking the fans, there is some dust showing on the fan blades so next, we will remove the heatsink and fan to inspect further.

macbook service somerset

The above image shows the old thermal paste on the heatsink. When removing the heatsink from any CPU/GPU we always clean the old paste off and reapply fresh thermal paste. This paste looks like it has seen better days and replacing will help prolong the Macbook’s CPU and GPU lifetime.

macbook service somersetmacbook service somerset

Above are pictures of the now cleaned CPU, GPU and ready to apply the new thermal paste. As you can see we only use Arctic Silver paste, we find it gives us the best results in keeping components cool. Always apply your thermal paste to the chips and not to the heatsink, you can find out more about this here

macbook service somerset

So here it is, the cooling grill on the heatsink is full of dust and pet hair! Now we had the lovely job of cleaning this out. We took the fan outside and blasted it off with some compressed air. Below you can see the cleaned grill and fan all ready to be installed back into the Macbook.

macbook service somerset

So there we have it all cleaned, thermal paste replaced and ready to put back together.

macbook service somersetMacbook Service Somerset

This 2009 MacBook is now ready to work for a few more years yet. You may have noticed that we had already upgraded the hard drive with a 250GB Solid State hard drive. A solid-state drive is a very good way to improve performance in an older computer, see our Apple Repair Somerset page for more details.
We are also upgrading the RAM in this Macbook too but we do not have that in stock today.

So now you can see the importance in keeping your laptops and computers dust free. Add the upgrade of the RAM and SSD hard drive and you have yourself a very speedy computer once again. If you would like your Macbook, iMac, Laptop or Desktop PC serviced contact us today and we are only too happy to help.