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PC Health Check Chard Somerset

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PC Health Check Chard Somerset

PC Health Check Chard Somerset
for your desktop pc or laptop.

pc health check

PC Health Check Chard Somerset

Why do computers need PC health checks? I am often asked this question a lot when I repair someones PC, the simple answer is, it’s a preventative method. How can a PC health check help your computer? simply put, over a computer’s lifetime certain things happen to it that slows it down and basically stops it from doing what its supposed to do.

It can help extend the life of a PC and the hardware contained within.

An analogy a customer once used is getting your car serviced (oil change, etc) to stop the engine from seizing up, this can be applied to a computer, its best to spend a little on giving it a service before it breaks down and costs twice the amount of money to repair it.

It is good to get your electrical equipment tested to ensure that it is running at optimal performance, like a computer equivalent of an MOT.

Our PC & Laptop Health Check service will ensure that your system is working at its full potential by performing a vast amount of hardware and software checks.


Full Virus and Trojan System Scan
Potential Threat Removal
Update Essential Windows Files
Update System Security
Hard Drive Optimization
Hardware Performance Tests
Advice on Security Packages
Recommended Hardware upgrades

We perform many other performance checks on your system to ensure that it boots/loads quicker, browsing through document faster and that your computer or laptop software is fully updated while being protected from any current virus & trojan threats.

PC Health Check Chard Somerset

Feel free to bring your system to our repair centre for more information

Starting at £35

Any hardware upgrades can be discussed.

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