Remote Computer Support Somerset

Remote Computer Support Somerset

at Combe Wood Computers.

Here at Combe Wood Computers we are now able to offer you remote support!

The great thing about this is that I would be able to instantly see the problem you are having while on the phone to you or over a live text chat.

Most computer related problems could be fixed this way and it would save time for everyone involved.

Not every job would be able to be remotely fixed as it would rely on a stable internet connection and some times I would need to get hands on.

Remote support would be perfect for jobs like a full health check and clean up of your computer or laptop. You would just need to click the button below and contact us with your login details either on the phone,live chat or email and we would take control and get to work instantly.

computer repair chard somerset

A computer or laptop health check and system clean up would cost £35 per machine and we recommend you have this done at least annually depending on how much you use the laptop or computer.

Remote Computer Support Chard Somerset

Remote Computer Support Chard Somerset


1 – Click the TeamViewer link below

2 – Accept the download, TeamViewerQS.exe

3 – Double click the download to start installing TeamViewer

4 – Next you will see a program like this:

5 – Supply us with your unique ID and Password and you will then get the message we have taken control.

6 – You can then sit and watch or go about something more interesting.

7 – After we are done we will close down the software and the computer or laptop is all ready for you.

8 – If we were to ever need access again you would need to supply us with a new password each time.(NOTE we can only access it when you supply us with the password and it changes each time you open the software for your own safety)

Remote Computer Support Somerset

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