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SEO Bournemouth | #1 SEO Service Bournemouth

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seo bournemouth

SEO Bournemouth | #1 SEO Service Bournemouth

seo bournemouth


Are you a business owner in or around the Bournemouth area ? Then our SEO Bournemouth service is for you. With so many businesses having websites it takes more of an effort to get yourself seen when people search for your service or product. This is where we can help you, time after time we have helped businesses show up on the first page of the Google search engine. 

Do you need our help ? Open up a new browser tab or page and search for the product or service that you provide for your area. As an example “dentist in bournemouth”. I can tell you now that 1300 people are searching for “dentist in bournemouth” per month in November 2017. If you own a dental practice and are not showing on page one there is around 1300 customers you are missing out on per month!! So if your service or product is not on page one of the search in your area, you need our help.

So maybe you would like to show up for not just in Bournemouth but in the surrounding areas too, Poole, Christchurch, Sandford or Wareham then we can help with that too.


seo bournemouth

SEO Bournemouth

How often do you go to page 2 or 3 ?

As another example you would like to send someone some flowers but you are not sure of the nearest or best local florist… You pick up your phone, tablet or open a browser on your computer and search “florist bournemouth”. There are 1000 searches per month for that search term so if you have a florist in Bournemouth you really need to be on page one of the search engine. How often do you go to the second or third page to select a service or product ? Never! 


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way of gaining new customers but this can start to work out very expensive indeed. Some businesses think that SEO is expensive and is not needed to gain new business but take a look at this blog post about SEO and Online Marketing. The example there shows how SEO could explode your online marketing if you are a website owner.

SEO Audit

Why not take advantage of our FREE SEO audit offer. If you are a website owner and looking to get your website higher in the search rankings then you would be silly not too. We will look at your web traffic, content creation, website design, google tag manager, local SEO, content marketing, Google analytics and more. Contact us today and we can help you gain new business and web traffic.


Content Creation

It is very important to have engaging content on your website, you can improve your content creation via adding new blog posts. These do not have to be created daily but it would really help your search rankings if you could produce at least one blog post per week. When creating new content remember to use local search terms eg. Bournemouth Dorset in there. Follow these new blog posts in your Google analytics this will help you see what posts people are visiting and why.


Digital Marketing

Here at Combe Wood Computers we aim to take your digital marketing to the next level and blow competitors off the first page or the search engines with your digital presence. Our digital marketing techniques will help you gain new business. Depending on your business we will decide what areas and keywords are best to target for you, it could be local SEO ( where we would target keywords like Car Repairs Bournemouth Dorset ) or you may want to target the whole county of Dorset. We will help you optimise your website and gain you web traffic.


Keyword Research

Our keyword research for your business will pick out the money keywords and help you to optimise for them. We can work with your web designer and help implement these changes that are needed. Keyword research is key to online marketing, it creates the web traffic you need to make money and gain new business. Sometimes people google shopping will search for very odd search terms related for your business and we are here to help you find them and those google shoppers to you.


Google My Business

Google My Business plays an important role in getting your online presence noticed. If you have not set yours up yet we can help you with this. This also needs optimisation SEO. Over the years we have optimised many Google My Business pages and gained lots more web traffic to businesses by doing this so it is really not to be missed.


A Quick Tip

SEO is not a one-time thing, so you always need to work maintenance on your blog or website. Check constantly for broken links, images that won’t load, and videos that have been removed from the host source and other broken paths on your pages. Search engines penalise sites that display broken links, so stay diligent here.


What do you need to do next ?

You can email us at Combe Wood Computers and arrange a chat either via the phone, skype or even in person and we can get the ball rolling for your Bournemouth based business. A survey has recently shown that 85% of consumers now use the internet to find local businesses so do yourself a favour and get in touch with us today and we will help you be seen.

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seo bournemouth

SEO Services Bournemouth Dorset

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