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SEO Cornwall

SEO Cornwall, let’s start off explaining what SEO is and why you would need it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Anyone can make a website these days with the many “Do It Yourself” options but making the website is only half of the battle. Imagine if you had a shop in the middle of a desert with only one road going by it, you would not get much trade there. If that shop was in a city and there were many roads going by its trade would be much better.
Having a website on the internet is much the same it has to be seen by the search engines ie. Google and Bing being the big ones. This is where SEO comes in. We can optimise your search engine presence so that when people search using Google or Bing for a certain phrase your website will start showing up for the relevant terms.
 Having an SEO consultant at your side will help bring more traffic to your website resulting in more sales or views of your website content.

Would you like a FREE website audit?

Our SEO Services

See below for some of the SEO services we can provide you here in Cornwall. Let us help you put your business on the first page of the major search engines.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords & display advertising is a great way of gaining new customers but this can start to work out very expensive indeed. Some businesses think that SEO is expensive and takes a lot of time to gain new business but take a look at this blog post about SEO and Online Marketing. The example there shows how SEO could explode your online marketing if you are a website owner. PPC or Pay Per Click can work out very expensive each month while once you are optimised for SEO it can last years. After you read the above article you might decide to replace your pay per click marketing campaigns with an SEO consultant.  

SEO Audit

Why not take advantage of our FREE SEO audit offer. If you are a website owner and looking to get your website higher in the search rankings then you would be silly not too. We will look at your web traffic, content creation, website design, google tag manager, local SEO, content marketing, Google analytics and more. Contact us today and we can help you gain new business and web traffic.

Content Creation

It is very important to have engaging content on your website, you can improve your content creation by adding new blog posts. These do not have to be created daily but it would really help your search rankings if you could produce at least one blog post per week. When creating new content remember to use local search terms eg. Truro Cornwall in there. Follow these new blog posts in your Google analytics this will help you see what posts people are visiting and why.  

Digital Marketing

Here at Combe Wood Computers, we aim to take your digital marketing to the next level and blow competitors off the first page or the search engines with your digital presence. Our digital marketing techniques will help you gain new business. Depending on your business we will decide what areas and keywords are best to target for you, it could be local SEO ( where we would target keywords like Car Repairs Truro Cornwall or Carbis Bay Holidays ) or you may want to target the whole county of Cornwall. Social Media could be a good place for you to gain new customers too. We will help you optimise your website via your web designer or ourselves and gain your web traffic. So if you are looking for a digital marketing agency that is going to get you results and most importantly customers look no further and call us today.  

Keyword Research

Our keyword research for your business will pick out the money keywords and help you to optimise for them. We can work with your web designer and help implement these changes that are needed. Keyword research is key to online marketing, it creates the web traffic you need to make money and gain new business. Sometimes people google shopping will search for very odd search terms related to your business and we are here to help you find them and those google shoppers to you. Imagine how many people would find your ‘Carbis Bay Holidays’ website!  

Google Local or Google My Business

Google Local or also known as Google My Business plays an important role in getting your online presence noticed. If you have not set yours up yet we can help you with this. This also needs optimisation SEO. Over the years we have optimised many Google My Business pages and gained lots more web traffic to businesses by doing this so it is really not to be missed.   Although this page is called “SEO Cornwall”  we could work on SEO and content marketing for any website in the world.    

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

So what would our digital marketing agency do for you?

We start with an audit

FREE Website Audit to determine where we could help you.

Expert Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis – This is very important for us to select the optimum keywords to use for your site.

Design a layout that works

Optimise the structure and layout of your website, making sure people can find what they need too quickly.

Link Building

Link building to your website is a very important way of telling the search engines that you are important.

Content Review

We will make sure your content is clear and informative. This will make sure customers will return and read more. Content is King!

Google Tag Manager

We will make sure that your web designer has perfectly optimised tags added in the Google Tag Manager.

How Long Does This Take?

This is a very tricky question to answer as every business or product is different. To start seeing results could take anything from instantly through to 6 months or maybe more depending on the product/business. As an example, if you had a business selling handcrafted toys, you would normally see results within a month. If you were looking to promote a business like Double Glazing it will take considerably longer. The target area is also an important factor in SEO. Ranking in a large city is often harder than smaller towns.

We have various packages of SEO for small and new businesses:
SEO Services Cornwall

SEO Cornwall Starter Package – This package tailored towards small businesses who have not had much work carried out on their website. This package also covers all aspects of optimisation and ensures you have a solid base to start building upon. We would recommend this package for businesses looking to compete in local search phrases. 
£200 Per Month 

SEO Services Cornwall Intermediate Package – is constructed for sites which are not new to optimisation, or would like to compete in a wider field. This package still includes all the standard analysis required for your website and keyphrases. However, there will be more emphasis on link building as this is essential when competing in a larger search market. 
£289 Per Month 

SEO Company Cornwall Booster Package – This is aimed towards larger websites such as product-based websites that compete on a national market. This package also looks at other internet marketing techniques to gain quality traffic to your website, rather than just through Google search results. This is great for companies targeting competitive terms. You will gain traffic through other avenues while the Search Engine Optimisation is developing. 
£560 Per Month

These packages are normally undertaken with a 3-month minimum contract.
Bespoke packages to suit your business can also be made. Please see our Digital Marketing page for other ways we can help you with your social media and online presence. 

Please Note: These prices are not final some SEO marketing campaigns will require a mixture of the packages and will be quoted for on request.