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Small Business Video Marketing

Small Business Video Marketing

Many business owners are making use of small business video marketing and they are in fact at the forefront of a new movement that hold much promise for them. Most others consider using videos as being something that only teenagers use to inform others about their latest exploits and others that make use of videos are authors who need videos to show off their book excerpts. However, using a properly made video can also be a cheap as well as free opportunity to help a small business promote itself and even ensure smoother operations.

Mostly, small business video marketing involves home organizer business owners using videos to enlarge their customer base and particularly in their metropolitan areas. We all know and realize that one picture can say far more than a thousand words of text and so using videos to get the message across is certainly a more potent tool than content based messages.

Video and the brain

There are also more scientific reasons why it pays to make use of videos as can be seen from the fact that a person has a primitive brain that helps them to make decisions which it does based on its assessment of different options. According to studies the primitive mind responds far better when given a video image than when it is fed with text. This means that even very brief exposure to videos will help create a desired response in the primitive brain and a video that offers a suitable message can affect a persons decision making process far more effectively than any text message can.

Your video

We can create a video for you which can then be uploaded free of cost to free video sharing websites like YouTube. After that, all you need to do in order to promote your video is send your clients a message with a link pointing to the video. Even better, you should also upload the video to your website so that visitors can also view it. Do NOT forget about other social media platforms, just imagine the people your video could reach if it went viral on Facebook or Twitter!

Of course, the numbers of business owners that do not believe in the value of video marketing are pretty significant and this is mainly on account of the fact that they have not as yet tasted the fruits of this form of marketing.

Do not miss out

Contact us today with any questions you may have about our small business video marketing. Prices start from as little as £35. Our videos are able to promote any type of product, business or event no matter how small. We can provide cartoon style video’s too if you want to make it really fun. Would you like to add your voice over, music or graphics ? Not a problem

The average Facebook/Twitter videos are 30/40 seconds. You can have a longer video on Youtube.


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