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Social Media

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Social Media


Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or one of the many other social media options you are into you will find lots of info and tips in this section.

This section will be continuously updated so be sure to bookmark it and keep up to date,also make sure to add,tweet,like and share Combe Wood Computers around the various social media websites.




The idea of Facebook can be quite confusing to those new to social networking. So what is Facebook? It is a place to communicate with friends and family, to share photographs or funny links you find on the Web, to play social games like Farmville or Mafia Wars, search for long-lost friends or even chat interactively with your buddies.

Facebook sprung from its roots as a school-based social network to became the most popular social network in the world. A few keys to Facebook’s success is its ability to appeal to both people and businesses, the success of Facebook’s developers network which has turned Facebook into a thriving platform, and Facebook Connect’s ability to reach out to the rest of the web and provide a single login that works across multiple sites.

Below you will find some hopefully useful hints and tips to have you on your Facebook journey:

  1. Improving Facebook with Google Chrome extensions.
  2. Brighten up your Facebook profile.
  3. Are your friends getting higher scores and beating you in Facebook games ? Look here.
  4. How to advertise your company on Facebook.




What is Twitter ?

Its a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less. Twitter makes global communication cheap and measurable. Profiles are public anyone in the world can see what you write, unless you elect to make your profile private. Users follow each other in order to keep tabs on and converse with specific people.

On Twitter, following someone is not necessarily an admission of friendship, but nonetheless affords interaction and conversation at least in short bursts.

The first step is to understand and master the lingo. There are certain words and jargon native to Twitter that you may already have heard in passing. These terms and their abbreviations are essential for understanding the network.

  • Tweet:A 140-character message.
  • Retweet (RT):Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else’s tweet.
  • Feed:The stream of tweets you see on your homepage. It’s comprised of updates from users you follow.
  • Handle:Your username.
  • Mention (@):A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @combewoodcomputers). Users are notified when @mentioned. It’s a way to conduct discussions with other users in a public realm.
  • Direct Message (DM):A private, 140-character message between two people. You can decide whether to accept a Direct Message from any Twitter user, or only from users you are following.
    You may only DM a user who follows you.
  • Hashtag (#):A way to denote a topic of conversation or participate in a larger linked discussion (e.g. #somerset, #computers). A hashtag is a discovery tool that allows others to find your tweets, based on topics. You can also click on a hashtag to see all the tweets that mention it in real time even from people you don’t follow.

Below you will find some hopefully useful hints and tips to have you on your Twitter journey:

  1. Where do i start ? Try here.
  2. How to advertise your company on Twitter.
  3. Twitter hints and tricks for newbies.
  4. More advanced tips for the Twitter pro.



Google+ What on earth is this ? I hear you say.

Google Plus acts as a social layer for Google, the world’s largest search engine company, and is integrated into its every product and service, such as Search, Android, YouTube, Chrome, Local and Drive.

At its core, Google Plus is an interest-based platform where like-minded individuals communicate, collaborate and create as a community. Unlike other social media networks, this platform gives you an unparalleled opportunity to forge meaningful, long-term relationships by consistently engaging with peers and other industry experts.

The greatest advantage of being on Google Plus is perhaps that it is backed by a powerful brand like Google. While there is no proven evidence of a direct correlation between social signals on this network and search engine result page (SERP) rankings YET, the Hummingbird update has made it clear that authority and reputation play a powerful role while ranking websites.

You can get your data back.

Facebook is notorious for its poor stewardship of personal data. You are forced to make certain parts of your personal data public for example, and It is very hard to permanently delete your Facebook profile. Google, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to pick up all the data you’ve banked at Google+ and walk away. This is done through a Google+ tool called Data Liberation. With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

So let’s get started.

  1. Starting out with Google+, this also helps with promoting your company with Google+.
  2. Some really good tips here for setting up your Google+ account.
  3. Benefits to Google+ for your business.



Youtube.The place to go to watch and share video content online?

YouTube can still be recognized as a separate social network all on its own as one that revolves entirely around content like video production, vlogging, movie-making and music sharing.

Tips you may not know:

  1. Tops tips for getting the most out of Youtube.
  2. How to remove the annoying ads (Google Chrome browser)





Anyone who needs to make professional connections should be on LinkedIn. Known as the social network for your career, LinkedIn is right up there with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Individuals can promote themselves and their businesses, outline their education and work experience, make connections with other professionals, interact in group discussions, post job ads or apply for jobs.

LinkedIn is really a huge database of professionals. Twitter lacks profile depth,Facebook is all over the place demographically and is also hard to find people.  LI standardizes information entered by users into predefined Profile Headline, Summary, Education, Company, etc. categories.  In addition to this huge database of information, the platform also provides an awesome search tool to allow you to pinpoint the person you are looking for depending on a number of very specific factors.

  1. Build a presence for your business on LinkedIn.
  2. The beginner’s guide to LinkedIn.




Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who creates an account has a profile and a news feed.

When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile.

Other users who follow you will see your posts in their own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users who you choose to follow.

Instagram is all about visual sharing. Every user profile has a  Followers and Following count, representing how many people they follow and how many other users are follow them.

Every user profile has a button you can tap to follow them. If a user has their profile set to private, they will need to approve your request first.

Keep in mind that when your profile is created and set to public, anyone can find and view your profile, along with all your photos and videos. Learn how to set yours to private if you only want the followers you approve to be able to see your posts.

Interacting on posts is fun and easy. You can double tap any post to like it or add a comment at the bottom.

If you want to find more friends or interesting accounts to follow, use the search tab (marked by the magnifying glass icon) to browse through tailored posts recommended to you. You can also use the search bar at the top to look for specific users or hashtags.

Here are a few links to help get you started:

  1. The beginner’s guide to Instagram.

2.Useful Tips and Tricks for  Instagram.

3.You can also use Instagram to help promote your business too.





So what is Pinterest and how does it work? Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as pinning on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others boards (i.e. a collection of pins,usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. Using a visual orientation, the social network is very much focused on the concept of a persons lifestyle, allowing you to share your tastes and interests with others and discovering those of likeminded people. The social networks goal is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the Pinterest bookmarklet.

As with most other social networks, users can perform standard social networking functions such as following the boards of their friends, liking and commenting on other users pins, re-pinning content to their own boards, sharing others pins on Facebook and Twitter or via email, and even embedding individual pins on their website or blog.

Going to give it a try ? Here are some pointers for you

  1. How to get started on Pinterest.

2.Promote your business with Pinterest.

  1. Tips to using Pinterest well.



What is Tumblr.

Tumblr is a blogging platform that makes it easier to post video, audio, words, social bookmarks, photos, and even other peoples blog posts into your blog, and share it with other people. Instead of having to upload things to YouTube, Delicious or Flickr, or create your own WordPress database before posting things, you can put your media directly into Tumblr from your computer or mobile phone. Its blogging, the way blogging was meant to be.

Just as with Twitter, users must Follow a Tumblr blog to keep up with it. Posts from all your followed blogs show up on the Dashboard (similar to a Facebook Newsfeed) in reverse chronological order. Tumblr makes it easy to Reblog posts, while adding your own commentary, or not. Users can also Like a post. Though there is a way to leave comments natively, most interaction on Tumblr is via Reblogs and Likes. That doesnt mean there isnt dialogue, though. Whenever you interact with a post, a little note shows up beneath it informing the original poster and anyone else who comes along who has reblogged or liked the post.

Lets get started:

  1. Beginners guide to Tumblr
  2. Tumblr tips for power users



I think i have covered the mainstream social media websites now. I will be adding a few others along with keeping the tips up to date so make sure to bookmark the page and dont forget to add us on the various social media platforms.


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