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What is E Waste ?

What is E Waste ? and why you should recycle your old tech So what is e waste ? Well it ranges from small tech devices like the latest wearable tech like the Fitbit right though to your huge flat screen TV’s and hundreds or other devices in between. You buy a new smartphone or computer,[…]

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YouTube Marketing Somerset

YouTube Marketing Somerset Youtube marketing is huge right now and you need to make sure your business is taking advantage of this. Using our techniques we are able to get your local business video ranking highly in the YouTube and Google search engines. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and Google[…]

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Keep Spyware off my Computer ?

How Do I Keep Spyware off my Computer?   What is spyware? Spyware is a collective name for malware software that actively monitors your computer and sends information covertly to interested parties, usually advertisers. From generic information regarding your browsing habits to sensitive data that includes your e-mail address and password, spyware software records them[…]

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Combe St Nicholas – Somerset

Combe St Nicholas – Somerset Combe St Nicholas – Somerset is situated in south Somerset around 2.5 miles from Chard and 12 miles from the Somerset County Town of Taunton.   We are bang on the edge of the Blackdown Hills, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Blackdown Hills have been protected as an[…]

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