macbook service somerset

Macbook Service Somerset | Overheating Macbook

MacBook Service Somerset | Overheating Macbook Today we had a 2009 Apple Macbook in the workshop for a service. The customer said that they noticed that the fans were running more and more and it was feeling quite warm after it had been on for a while. Now it’s not[…]

why you should have a website

Five Reasons Why You Should Have A Website

Five Reasons – Why Have A Website So why have a website ? I am going to share some tips on how to get going with blogging and websites. I’ve been working from home for about eight years now setting up websites and doing affiliate marketing and that’s what I[…]

seo somerset

SEO Services Somerset

SEO Services Somerset, let’s start of explaining what SEO is and why you would need it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Anyone can make a website these days with the many “Do It Yourself” options but making the website is only half of the battle. Imagine if you had[…]

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