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What is E Waste ?

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what is e waste

What is E Waste ? and why you should recycle your old tech

what is e waste

Thanks to  youthkiawaaz for this infographic.

So what is e waste ? Well it ranges from small tech devices like the latest wearable tech like the Fitbit right though to your huge flat screen TV’s and hundreds or other devices in between.

You buy a new smartphone or computer, and you take your old one to a local recycler. Its the green thing to do, right?

Well, it turns out a lot of those devices may not be getting recycled at all. Read more on this watchdog article HERE.

Globally, people threw away 42 million tons of e-waste in 2014, or over 84 billion pounds. That number is expected to grow this year to over 91 billion pounds. By 2017, the global volume of e-waste will weigh the equivalent of eight of the great Egyptian pyramids, according to the UN. Or to put it another way, an amount equal to 126 Empire State Buildings. That’s a veritable skyline of e-waste, and it’s rising taller every day.




What Is E Waste

Taken from a very good article at The Verge

 So what is e waste ? Take a look at this video:

At Combe Wood Computers we are going to do our little bit locally in Chard and surrounding areas. We will provide a secure wipe of your data from your old laptop or computer and make use of any parts that still work.

We will then recycle your old computer or laptop for you at one of the WEEE designated collection facilities.

We cant stress enough how important it is to remove your personal data before you dispose of your tech!

Call or Email if you would like to arrange for us to make sure your personal details are gone forever.

what is e waste

What is E Waste ?

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