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Five Reasons Why You Should Have A Website

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why you should have a website

Five Reasons – Why Have A Website

So why have a website ? I am going to share some tips on how to get going with blogging and websites.

I’ve been working from home for about eight years now setting up websites and doing affiliate marketing and that’s what I will be sharing with you.

why have a website

Why Have A Website

It’s essential in today’s world no matter what business you’re in you will need a website, let me explain why let me give you five reasons to why you need to have a website and why it’s essential.

The first reason why you should have a website is to look professional. Having your own website will allow you and your business to look professional even if you do business on other platforms say Etsy or eBay or Amazon having your own site will create trust with your customers.

The second reason why it’s essential to have your own website is so that you can tell your story we engage and communicate with people we can relate to again. Even if you’re on other platforms having your own site to share your story in any way shape or form you would like is very important. If we use Etsy an example, this is a great way to get going on the internet and selling your products but they give you a very limited space to share what you and your business are about. This space will be unlimited on your own site! I’m not saying to get rid of Etsy I’m saying add a website to your Etsy store for example.

Third reason to why having a website is essential is so that you can claim your spot your corner on the internet. Look at it as your property your investment for the future.

why have a website

Reason number four on why have a website, can you afford not to have a website ? If you’re running a business and are not having your own site how much money are you leaving on the table ? Think about that for a second, if you’re in another platform but don’t have a site how much money are you missing out on ? What if you have a business idea but you’re not taking action starting that site, how much money are you losing each and every day by not taking the step and getting that site set up?
I love numbers so let’s take a look at some. Let’s say that you have 20 visitors to your site a day this is a very low number but we all have to start somewhere, so that would give us about 600 visitors a month again like I said very low number. Say that you’re offering a product where you make twenty-five pounds per sale. Let’s say that two percent converts into a purchase, six hundred visitors, two percent, that’s twelve sales. Conversion could be a lot higher but when starting out you’re testing things.  12 sales times £25 is £300 monthly this is three hundred pounds that you would be leaving on the table when your visitors go to your website. Over time it will grow and when the visitor number grows so will your sales. We can also help you get more visitors to your website take a look at our SEO Somerset page for more details on this. So how much are you leaving on the table by NOT having a website ?

Reason number five to having your own website is that it will put you in one hundred percent control. if you are relying on other websites other platforms you’re playing by their rules, if you have your own site you are in charge, you decide what goes on on that site, you decide how to get traffic to your website, you decide what content goes on your site and you decide how to make money with it. You decide to design the look of it, you are in control it’s your site your rules.

So there are five reasons to why you should have a website or blog. Reason number one is essential, it will make you look professional, it will allow you to tell your story and it will allow you to claim your corner of the Internet.

Having your own website might not be as expensive as you might think either. We offer plans for many website types. Our plans are made to suit your business or event. If you live local to Chard in Somerset and thinking about having a website built then why not pop in and have a chat and im sure we can design the website that is right for you. From a one page basic advert website to a e-commerce website where you are selling direct from the internet, we are here to help.

I hope these five reasons have helped you with the question why have a website and if you are still in doubt contact us below. 

To find us for a chat click on the map below or give us a call today

why you need a website   

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